Our Floral hatbox arrangements come in an oasis presented in a hatbox of three sizes.

Standard hatbox is the smallest at £25.00

Deluxe hatbox middle sized starts at £35.00

Superior hatbox £40.00 – £60.00

Ultimatum hatbox £65.00+

Browse through the website and then ring/order/pay. Just quote the name of each product. You can tailor any arrangement so just ask please.

The Deluxe Hatbox is the most common best seller but the Superior Hatbox is our flagship of hatboxes, starting at £45.00. Bundle packages of Helium Balloon, Deluxe Hatbox, Chocolates also available from  £65.00 with free delivery.

Below are all our products all priced individually.
Pictures are for illustration purposes depending on stock.

A sheik, green, creams and white Deluxe hatbox. Any colour scheme or theme available.

Silver Ray Deluxe Hatbox

Standard Hatbox

Autumnal Deluxe Hatbox

Pinks and Orange Deluxe Hatbox

White/Greens Deluxe Hatbox

Ultimatum Hatbox

Rose/Pinks Deluxe Hatbox

Monstera Paradise Hatbox

Gold/Silver paradise arrangment

Ray of Sunshine Deluxe Hatbox

Dimonte Rose with lilies Deluxe Hatbox

Anthurium White Deluxe Hatbox

Dimonte Rosed lily Deluxe Hatbox

Double Paradise Anthurium Deluxe Ultra Hatbox

Lilly Pink Deluxe Hatbox

Orange Monstera Deluxe Hatbox

Elegant Ultamatum Diamond Rose/lily/Anthurium Hatbox

Green/Cream/White Superior Elegance Hatbox