Below are examples of Our Standard/ Delux and Superior Plus Bouquet is a handtied work of art.Premium specialised flowers are

used with a mix of seasonal

flowers to your colour specification in three basic bands. Soft tones, (Yellows, pinks whites),  vibrant (Purple,

reds, oranges) & neutrals (greens, creams & whites).

Typically, you can expect to find some the following in our Superior Plus Bouquets are a unique range of Roses,

Gerbera,  Lillies , Sunflowers, Oriental Birds of Paradise and Lillies, Lizianthus, Chrysanthemum, Carnation,

Gypsophila, Gladiolus, Phoenix Palm, Alstroemeria, Solidago, Cordyline, lemongrass and monstera.

Bear in mind, though, that here at Inspirations we like to keep it seasonal, so although the above list is

representative, you are not guaranteed to get those flowers unless they are in season.

You can collect from Inspirations Florist if you wish, just call it, we are right next to Sainsburys in the Salendine

Shopping Centre.

A selection in no order of our Bouquets.Examples but can be personalised.


Superior with Birds of Paradise. £45.



Superior Mix. £45.


Delux Rosed Bouquet £35.


Delux Rose and Gladioli Bouquet. £35



Replica Wedding bouquet from £35.


Pink lillies with Roses. £40.


Standard Bouquet. £25.



Six Red rosed mixed bouquet.£40.